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Caissa Automatic Water Gun Up To 20 FT Long Range Squirt Gun Toys

Caissa Automatic Water Gun Up To 20 FT Long Range Squirt Gun Toys

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If you're ready to make a splash, the Caissa Automatic Water Soaker Gun will help you make a big one! This powerful gun takes water warfare to a whole new level, with automatic water-firing capabilities that are ready to soak your enemies. Get ready to shoot and score!

5+ Technology : With a number of patented technologies, it meets the American toy quality standards.

Excellent Design: Carefully designed by a professional team, a variety of playing methods further stimulate children's nature.

The Most Exquisite Gift: Exquisite toys, exquisite life, enjoy a wonderful summer with your friends and family.

Excellent Automatic Water Gun

  • One of the most characteristic pool toys in summer is our LKOHJF electric water gun. If you study carefully, you will find that our excellence is the built-in water tank, which has a capacity of 400cc. And we reserve a universal water inlet, which is compatible with standard bottle mouths (our products do not include bottles). Easily increase tank capacity.

Extremely Long Battery Life

  • With other electric water guns, you will find that the battery life is very short. To this end, we have deliberately increased the battery life. Compared with other electric squirt guns, our battery needs to be charged for three hours, and can be used continuously for 60 minutes after fully charged! The battery life can last you a whole day at the water park.

Electric Water Gun for Adults

  • We designed this M4 automatic water gun. We use a powerful spray system with a high strength core. Every water gun has been strictly tested by us before leaving the factory. Ensure the strength and accuracy of the water gun. With a range of 26-32 feet, it can always leave enemies nowhere to hide at beach parties or pool party games.

Made of High Quality Materials

  • The LKOHJF hand water gun is made of the highest plastic manufacturing standards and ABS material. Don't worry that using it for a long time will affect your child's health. The materials used are in line with international high standards.

Best Kid Pool Toys Gifts

  • In this summer, still worrying about the gifts for your kids? Put our newly designed water gun into the hands of your child. Team up with the kids and be the star of the pool party together!

Caissa Automatic Water Gun Up To 20 FT Long Range Squirt Gun Toys

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