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Caissa Electric Squirt Automatic Water Gun Toy Pool Swimming Beach

Caissa Electric Squirt Automatic Water Gun Toy Pool Swimming Beach

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Automatic Water Gun 

  • The third generation of automatic water gun upgraded motor and rechargeable battery, which is used to relieve the pressure of finger pulling the trigger. Cool toy gun appearance will attract the attention of children. 


  • The squirt guns for boys is ergonomically designed grip, children and adults can easily use it, water clip X2, capacity 50CC+, 40+ Shotting. In this hot summer, with your friends or children to have a happy water blasters for kids battle it!


  • The electric water gun has upgraded motor power for fast firing and has a super long range of 26-32 feet. No matter where your opponent is, you can easily drench them at range.


  • The water soaker gun toy's clip is made of clear material, so you can observe how much water is available. The water gun is made of ABS plastic and ergonomically designed so that both adults and children can easily operate it. Enjoy your summer water fun with the water squirter for kids.


  • Automatic squirt guns for boys is a perfect summer toys for kids to play in the pool, beach and outdoors, a summer gift for kids. (Please do not immerse the electric watergun in water to avoid damage to the electronic components! Charging time > 2 hours)

The water gun is designed with two waterproof layers that can be exposed to water for a short period of time. But please do not immerse for a long time! To avoid causing damage to electronic components.

Before selling, we will do a strict test on the leakage performance of the water gun,

However, it is unavoidable that the damage is caused by bumps in transit. (Very small probability)

So if you encounter any problems such as water leakage, please let us know to get a free tank replacement!

Caissa Electric Squirt Automatic Water Gun Toy Pool Swimming Beach

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