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Caissa Gel Gun Blaster Refill Ammo

Caissa Gel Gun Blaster Refill Ammo

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Stock up on Gel Gun Blaster Refill Ammo for hours of fun! These 7-8mm blue and orange balls provides up to 120,000 shots and is easily compatible with Splatrball, Splat Gun and Orby Gun. Enjoy the battle with the perfect ammunition!

  • How To Use ?

     Soak the water balls in water for at least 2-4 hours to maximize its size.Small water beads can expand to 10-20 times their size.The longer the soaking time, the larger the ball, until it reaches the maximum value.The soaking time can be adjusted according to the size of the water gun, so that it can be filled into the gun more easily and bring more fun.

  • Interesting water beads:

    fully expanded, smooth, soft water droplets create a soothing tactile experience. It is an ideal choice for keeping children happy and busy for hours and playing fun games, excellent learning tools, and exploring science projects.

  • Using Note

    1. Don't face the eyes directly
    2. The pipeline may be blocked, please do not pour into the pipeline.
    3. Keep away from children under 6 years old.
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