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Gel Blaster Gun: Are They Safe For Kids?

What are Gel Blasters?

Gel blasters are toys that use water mixed with a thick gel, which bursts out of the toy when hit by air. These softballs can be thrown or launched at targets to soak them in globs of colorful goop! The most popular gel blasters have been made for kids and come in bright neon colors like pink, orange, and green. These blasters are sold in toy stores across the world with different themes like dinosaurs, princesses, or sharks.

How Safe Are They for Children?

One of the safety issues with gel blasters聽was their difficulty in cleaning, leading to mold or bacteria growth. The color from these toys will also stain clothes and carpets if not cleaned up immediately after use. But now the caissa聽gel blaster's water bullets have changed these drawbacks. These bullets burst on contact and evaporate within 15 minutes, disappearing cleanly. No cleaning is required and they won't mess up the room or yard.

Safety Precautions to Take With Gel Blasters

The best way to ensure your child鈥檚 safety while using a gel blaster is by supervising them at all times. You should also make sure to keep these toys away from other children and pets to prevent injury or accidents! Also, it is important to find the right聽accessories for your blaster聽to ensure that it is well protected from mold and bacteria and that it doesn鈥檛 malfunction. Gel blasters are a fun way to play and enjoy the outdoors with your kids. As long as you take these safety precautions, they should be safe for your child to use.

Top Safe Use Tips for Gel Blasters with Kids: A Complete Guide

Tip #1: Always Supervise Your Kids When Using Gel Blasters

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Tip #2: Educate Your Kids About the Dangers of Mishandling Gel Blasters

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Tip #3: Wear Eye Protection and Protective Clothing While Playing With Gel Blasters

Goggles or eye protection for playing with gel blasters safely outdoors or indoors. Protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirts and pants.

Tip #4: Choose the Right Type of Gel Blaster for Your Kid's Age and Maturity Level

Selecting age-appropriate toys and games that match your child's maturity level. Choosing the right type of gel blaster according to their age group.

Blasters for Ages 7-10

Children in the 7-10 age range require blasters with lower power and easy operation. These blasters should have a smooth and easy prime, allowing younger children to enjoy the Nerf experience without difficulty. One great option for this age group is the Barbie Ball Blaster Gun. This pump-action, spring-powered blaster is small enough for little arms, yet still powerful enough to make kids feel like they're playing with the big kids. It's a perfect choice for children in this age range.

Blasters for Ages 11-13

As children grow older, they are usually ready for medium-powered blasters that offer more range and speed. The Caissa Glock is an excellent choice for kids aged 11-13. This pump-action, spring-powered blaster is an upgraded version of the Barbie Ball Blaster Gun, providing more power and performance. The longer prime of the Caissa Glock makes it easier to handle the heavier spring, offering an enhanced Nerf experience for this age group.

Blasters for Ages 14-16

Teenagers in the 14-16 age range can handle higher-powered blasters and often enjoy the challenge they bring. Two great options for this age group are the Caissa AK47聽and the Caissa Luminous聽G36. The Caissa AK47, mentioned earlier, provides a pump-action, spring-powered, high-power experience. On the other hand, the Caissa Luminous聽G36聽is a great choice for an outdoor shooting game. With 5 cool LED splatter blasters, it includes 50000 regular beads and 10000 luminous beads for a unique look for nighttime play.聽

Blasters for Ages 18+

For adults and older teenagers, there are a few advanced options available. The Caissa M416聽has an upgraded launcher, a long-life drive motor, and a reliable water bomb supply method. Long range, extremely low failure rate, modifiable, hardly sticks. Must be a favorite for newbies and veterans alike.

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