Q: Where does the Brand name "Caissa" come from, or originate from?

A: The brand name "Caissa" comes from the name of a female name of Greek origin that means Cinnamon. Also a Polish form of Catherine, meaning "pure." Which means we pursue high-standard & high-quality products. 

Q: When and where was Caissa founded?

A: Caissa was founded in Texas in 2018.

Q: Couldn't process the credit card or purchase?

A: To do it well, here are 3 ways: 1. please offer the last four digits of passport and bank card for us to List your as a whitelist; 2. Use Paypal; 3. try other cards or contact your credit card company or bank for help.

Q: Why my code couldn't be combined with other discounts?

A: Caissa Toy always pursue high-quality products. And high quality always means high cost. We supply coupon code for thanking our old customers and welcome our new customers. So the system limits one code per purchase. Two codes couldn't be combined with your order.

Gel Blater Gun

Q: What is a gel blaster?

A: Gel Blaster is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery powered USB charging toy gun, which blast the non-toxic, eco-friendly, no cleanup water beads ammo for outdoors, backyard, party fun of all ages. 

Q: Is gel blaster illegal in the USA?

A: No, the gel blaster is 100% legal in the USA.

Q: Do gel blasters hurt?

A: No, please never aim at the face this can hurt.

Q: Do you have to clean the exploded gel pellet remnants or will it truly evaporate? If so, how long until nothing is left?

A: No, our no mess, no clean-up Gellets burst on impact and evaporate in 30 minutes or less.

Q: Will the gellets dissolve if shot into a lake?

A: Gellets will stay in their original form if they are submerged in water. So technically, they will stay hydrated if blasted into a lake.

Q: How long will the gel pellets last hydrated inside the hopper?

A: It all depends on the environment that the gellets are in while they are in the hopper. The hotter and more humid the outside environment is, the quicker the gellets will start dehydrating.

Q: How long do the gellets last after they are hydrated?

A: Gellets will last up to 3 months when submerged in water and 2 weeks when stored in an airtight container.