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What are Gel Balls?

Gel balls, also known as gel blaster ammunition or gel blaster balls, are small, water-absorbent balls used as projectiles in gel blaster guns. These balls are made from a superabsorbent polymer that can expand when soaked in water. Gel balls are safe, biodegradable, and non-toxic, making them a popular choice for recreational shooting activities.

Soaking the Gel Balls

Before using gel balls in a gel blaster gun, they need to be soaked in water for a specific period of time. This soaking process allows the gel balls to absorb water and expand to their optimal size for use. But how do you know when the gel balls are ready for battle?

Size Matters

One way to determine if gel balls are ready for battle is by checking their size. When soaked properly, gel balls should reach a specific diameter, usually around 7-8 millimeters. If the gel balls have expanded to this size, they are ready to be loaded into the gel blaster gun.

Texture and Consistency

In addition to size, the texture and consistency of gel balls can also indicate their readiness. When gel balls are fully hydrated, they should have a soft and squishy texture. If the gel balls still feel hard or have a crunchy texture, they may need more time to soak. On the other hand, if the gel balls have become mushy or slimy, they may have been soaked for too long.

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection can also help determine if gel balls are ready for battle. Fully hydrated gel balls should appear translucent and have a smooth surface. If the gel balls still have a dry or wrinkled appearance, they may require more soaking time. It's important to note that gel balls should not be over-soaked, as they can become too fragile and break apart easily.

Testing in a Gel Blaster Gun

The ultimate test to determine if gel balls are ready for battle is to load them into a gel blaster gun and fire a few shots. If the gel balls feed smoothly through the gun and burst upon impact, they are likely ready to be used in a gel blaster battle. However, if the gel balls jam or fail to burst, they may need further soaking or adjustments.


Knowing when gel balls are ready for battle is crucial for a successful gel blaster experience. By checking their size, texture, and appearance, as well as testing them in a gel blaster gun, you can ensure that your gel balls are fully hydrated and prepared for action. Remember to follow the soaking instructions provided with your gel blaster ammunition to achieve the best performance and enjoy the thrill of gel blaster battles.

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