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Is Gel Ball Blaser legal?

Welcome to the world of Gel Ball Blaster! Spend the day on an unlockable wish list, shoot with your friends, and you'll enter a world of fun!

Gel Ball Blaster is a relatively new type of melee combat (CQB) game. Similar to paintball guns and airsoft guns, you can shoot gel balls at opposing teams or battle your friends to see who can shoot more accurately.There is some controversy about the irresponsible use of gel guns, which makes them illegal in some countries.
History of the Gel ball Blaster
Gel guns and gel ball games developed in China after the airsoft gun ban in 2008.They appear to be an alternative to airsoft and foam dart guns. Gel guns are very popular in the US, EU and Southeast Asia.The US and EU have seen the fastest growth in gel sprays over the past few years.Prior to this, gel balls were not considered ammunition and were widely sold in commercial and home stores.
 However, this has been a fatal blow to Australia. The Australian Border Force had seized Armored Heaven's Brad Towner and Tactical Edge toy guns.Due to the authenticity of the gel ball blaster, they could easily be mistaken for real guns.
According to related sources, South Australia and Queensland soon saw a number of criminal cases of attacks on pedestrians and the general public using gel ball blasters.
This could explain the strict legality surrounding gel jets today. DJI's famous land-based drone RoboMaster S1 was banned when it was imported into Australia because the package contained gel jets. Even today, the RoboMaster S1 is not allowed to be sold in New South Wales and Victoria.
If you're in the US, EU, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, South Korea, then you're lucky to know that you'll also have the opportunity to apply - with the Akvich® Gel Ball Blaster - and have your friends join you as an Akvich team for adrenaline-pumping shoot-em-ups.

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