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What is Gel Ball?

Gel Ball is a toy that comes from Gel Ball Blaster, which consists of water beads that expand into colorful, jelly-like balls when they come in contact with water.
These colorful spheres are used as ammunition for the Gel Ball Blaster guns, so here are some things to know about them.

1. Gel Balls can be made at home
Many people love to play with Gel Ball Blaster because of the colorful balls that shoot out into the air. These spheres are considered as non-toxic water beads, but some people also like to make their own at home. All you need is to buy food coloring and pool chemicals, both of which are available at any store. Add all the ingredients together in a bucket until they liquefy. If it feels too hard, you can add more water for ease of stirring. Let stand overnight before removing any excess water by leaving them on an absorbent surface or simply draining off the whole thing using a colander. When your master batch is ready, transfer them into several smaller containers for easy storage until you鈥檙e done playing with it. This is a fun and cost-effective way to make your own Gel Balls, so you can use them as ammunition for your Gel Ball Blaster.聽

2. Gel Balls are non-toxic and environmentally friendly
Gel balls are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, which makes them safe to use for children. This is why Gel Ball Blaster has become the top choice of toy gun for kids because it doesn鈥檛 hurt when they get hit with one of the water beads. Water beads expand into gelatinous orbs when they come in contact with water, so they鈥檒l explode like a tiny bubble instead of breaking apart like regular water balloons do. It鈥檚 also safe to use them indoors, which makes it easy for kids to play with Gel Ball Blaster anywhere inside the house. One other reason for their growing popularity is that they鈥檙e non-toxic, which makes them safe to play with even if they accidentally swallow one or two. Aside from kids, gel balls are also popular with pets because they鈥檙e made of 100% natural ingredients like sodium alginate and calcium chloride. Water beads can now be used as a safe alternative to regular water balloons, so now parents don鈥檛 have to worry whenever their kids play with Gel Ball Blaster.

3. Gel Ball Blaster is a toy that the balls are used on
Gel Ball Blaster is a toy that kids can play with because of the colorful, jelly-like balls. In Australia, both Gel Ball Blaster and gel balls are available in most toy shops or department stores, so you can buy one from your local retailers. Every set comes with 4 colors of water beads (blue, green, pink, and yellow). The colorless bead inside the container holds up to 800mL of liquid, while some brands come with clear beads that can hold up to 600mL. When you first buy a set, make sure to give it a good shake, so the water beads on top will mix evenly with those at the bottom of your container. Once you鈥檝e filled each chamber with water, just close the lid, and you鈥檙e all set for some shooting action.

4. Do they hurt when they hit someone?
Gel Ball Blaster and the balls it uses as ammunition do not hurt much. This is why they鈥檙e considered safe for children, making them a popular choice of toy gun for kids everywhere. However, if you get hit too close to the face or eyes, it can sting quite a bit, so make sure your child keeps his distance when playing with these water beads. They can still get you wet, but they鈥檙e not meant to cause harm. They can stain your clothes a little, but a good rinse with some soapy water will remove the stains. You can wear darker clothes when you鈥檙e playing with them, so it will be easier to clean. It will also be easier to dry the clothes because they only stain the surface instead of soaking through. It is still fun and safe as long as you follow the rules of the game.

Gel Balls are non-toxic and environmentally safe to use for both kids and pets, giving families an option that鈥檚 safer than regular water balloons. They don鈥檛 hurt when they hit your skin, making them a favorite toy among children who love playing with toy guns. So, if you have been looking for a safe alternative to regular toy guns, then you should definitely try Gel Ball Blaster with gel balls.

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